Master Project List (by category)

Listed below are all the projects of the Ecological Design Institute as well as those from Sim Van der Ryn & Associates, Van der Ryn Calthorpe & Partners, Hirshen/Van der Ryn Architects, and by Sim Van der Ryn, during his time as California's State Architect. Except as noted otherwise, Sim Van der Ryn was the Principal Architect on all projects. Clicking on a category above will scroll to that particular section.

Conference, Resort, & Health Centers


Welcome Inn(2)
Nagano Prefecture, Japan
Koichi Mukaiyama, President, KOA Corporation
Preliminary Plan, 1991

Wheelwright Center, Green Dragon Zen Center(2)
Muir Beach, California
Richard Baker, Abbot
Project Completed, 1979

Montreaux MetaResort(*)(2)
Reno, Nevada
Dr. Graham Simpson, President
Master Planning & Preliminary Building Plans, 1991

New Lodge, Esalen Institute(2)
Big Sur, California
Steve Donovan, President
Preliminary Design, 1988

Lindisfarne Association Meeting House(*)(2)
Crestone, Colorado
Dr. Irwin Thompson, Director
Project Completed, 1983

Pecos River Conference Center(2)
Infield, New Mexico
Larry Wilson, President
Contract Documents, 1987

Conference, Lodging, & Health Resort(*)(2)
North Bonneville, Washington
Biba Hot Springs
Master Planning & Preliminary Building Plans, 1986

Zen Center Guest House, Green Dragon Zen Center(*)(2)
Muir Beach, California
Dr. William Thompson, Richard Baker
Project Completed, 1984

Day Spa
San Fernando Valley, CA

Chiropractic Health Center

Courtyard Guest Cabins, Tassajara Zen Mountain Center(2)
Jamesburg, California
Richard Baker, Abbot
Project Completed, 1974


Community Planning & Design


La Cuentista
ALbuquerque, New Mexico
Legacy Group, LLC
Master Plan and Community Architecture, 1997

Marin Solar Village(*)(3)
Novato, California
Steve McNamara, President, Marin Solar Village Corporation
Master Planning, 1979-81

Cowell Ranch(*)(2)
Contra Costa, California
Nathan Taylor, Vice President, Cowell Foundation
Ecological Planning & Design, 1993

Chino Hills Specific Plan(*)(3)
San Bernardino County, California
San Bernardino County
Master Plan Study, 1979

Arbolera de Vida Sawmill Redevelopment

Golden Gate West End Pavilion & Grounds

Migrant Worker Shelter

Berea Eco-Village

Civano Solar Village

Capital Area Master Plan(5)
Sacramento, California
State of California
Master Plan, 1976

Gates Houseboat Cooperative(2)
Marin County, California
Jane Koestel, President
Master Planning, 1985-87

Cibola Community(*)(3)
Santa Fe, New Mexico
Wayne & Susan Nichols, Communico
Master Planning, 1984



Prototype Sustainable Living Hostel Design(*)(2)
Washington, DC
Lewis Litzky, President, Hostelling International
Research & Design, 1993

Prototype Brainwave Training Modules(*)(2)
Palo Alto, California
Foster Gamble, President, MindCenter Corporation
Design & Prototype Construction, 1989

Atsuo Shiga, President, Metina Corporation
Prototype Design, 1989



Housing Cluster Design(2)
Forres, Scotland
Findhorn Community
Preliminary Design, 1982

Wisconsin Street s(*)(3)
San Francisco, California
Barrett California
Master Plan, Preliminary Plans, 1984

Somerset Parkside(*)(3)
Sacramento, California
Barrett California
Project Completed, 1982

Citizen's Fireside Housing Project

Pt Reyes Youth Hostel

Hawaii Retirement Housing

Del Monte Urban Village(2)
Emeryville, California
Rosewood Stone Group
Master Plan, 1993

Ross Court Apartments(3)
San Anselmo, California
Doug Elliot
Project Completed, 1981

Planet s(2)
Nagano Prefecture, Japan
Tate Miller
Unit Plans, 1989

Tatum Apartments(2)
Santa Rosa, California
Tim Tatum
Project Completed, 1986




Patmore-Zarcone Residence
Los Altos Hills, California
David Patmore and Julia Zarcone
Construction Begining, 1999

Three Solar Casitas(*)(2)
Los Caballos, New Mexico
Jonathan Rose, Sim Van der Ryn, Jack Vanderryn
Project Completed, 1984

Weinstein Residence(*)(2)
Sausalito, California
David & Denise Weinstein
Renovation Completed, 1986

Guest House(2)
Muir Beach, California
Green Gulch Zen Center
Project Completed, 1981

Abbott's Residence(2)
Muir Beach, California
Green Gulch Zen Center
Project Completed, 1981

HIghland House(*)(2)
Inverness, California
Construction & Renovations Completed, 1972-1993

Keohane Residence(*)(1)
Corte Madera, California
Under Construction, 1999

Warkentin Residence(*)(1)
Lucas Valley, California
David Warkentin
Project Completed, 1997

Sangco Residence(*)
Clayton, California
Sharon and Joebe Sangco
Prelininary Design, 1997

Twiss/Skewes-Cox Residence(2)
Markleville, California
Robert Twiss & Amy Skewes-Cox
Project Completed, 1994

Stott Residence(*)(2)
Colestine Valley, California
Ben Stott
Preliminary Plans, 1989

YM Residence

Corte Madera Residence

Red Rock Retreat

Nicasio Residence

Equestrian Center

Freestone Residence

Sausalito Residence

Houseboat Remodel(2)
Sausalito, California
Addle Anthony
Project Completed, 1990

Stoute Residence(2)
Colestine Valley, California
V. Stoute
Preliminary Plans, 1989

Nisbet Residence(2)
Inverness, California
Nori & Jacuetta Nisbet
Project Completed, 1979

Keith Residence(2)
Tiburon, California
S. Keith
Remodel Completed, 1988

Spencer-Gould Residence
Santa Cruz, California
Dick Spencer and Shawn Gould
Completed, 1997

Residence & Workshop
Orcas Island, Washington
Under Construction, 1999

Ahlgren Residence(2)
Boulder Creek, California
Dexter & Valerie Ahlgren
Project Completed, 1972

Blake Residence(3)
Hidden Hills, California
Robert & Sandra Blake
Project Completed, 1979




Schoonmaker Point Marina(3)
Sausalito, California
Dusan Mills, Managing Partner
Project Completed, 1985

Headquarters Building(3)
Chattanooga, Tennessee
Tennessee Valley Authority
Project Completed, 1979

Gregory Bateson Building(*)(5)
Sacramento, California
State of California
Project Completed, 1979

Folsom Street Offices

Birkenstock Headquarters


Commercial Projects


Real Goods Solar Living Center(*)1
Hopland, California
Jeff Oldham, Project Manager, Real Goods Corporation
Project Completed, 1996

Greens Restaurant(2)
San Francisco, California
San Francisco Zen Center
Project Completed, 1983

Crystal Circle Village(2)
Reno, Nevada
Jim Matheson, President
Preliminary Plans, 1988

Benziger Winery


Religious & Retreat Centers


Congregation Kol Shofar
Tiburon, California
Programming and Design, 2003
- synagogue renovation

Dharma Sanga Meditation Hall(*)(2)
Crestone, Colorado
Richard Baker, Abbot
Project Completed, 1992

Lingka Guest Houses
Shigatse, Tibet
Project Completed, 2002
- site master plan and building strategies guidelines

Star of the Sea Church



Schools & Learning Centers


California Institute of Integral Studies(*)1
San Francisco, California
Robert McDermott, President
Feasibility Study, Facilities Planning, 1995

Waldorf School(2)
Davis California
Howard Beeman, Director
Project Completed, 1988

Farallones Rural Center (now the Occidental Arts and Ecology Center)(*) -
Occidental, California
Sim Van der Ryn, President
Project Completed, 1975-1980

Happy Valley School(2)
Ojai, California
Rhada Sloss, Chair
Master Plan, 1991

Chinook Learning Center(2)
Whidby Island, Washington
Fritz & Vivian Hull, Directors
Master Plan, 1987

Ojai Foundation School(*)(2)
Ojai, California
Joan Halifax, Director, Ojai Foundation
Master Plan & Preliminary Building Plans, 1990

Farallones Integral Urban House
Berkeley, California
Sim Van der Ryn, President
Project Completed, 1974

Kirsch Center
De Anza College
Saratoga, California

Romberg Tiburon Center

Environmental Education Center
Washington, DC

Mill Valley Middle School Garden Project

Berea Draper Hall Renovation

Institute of Noetic Sciences

Riveredge Nature Center

Berea Bruce Trades Atrium

Brookside School

Sustainability San Domenico

Heron's Head Living Classroom

Global Restoration Fair(2)
The Presidio, San Francisco
David Brower, Chair, Earth Island Institute
Concept Plan, 1992



(1) A project of the Ecological Design Institute
(2) A project of Sim Van der Ryn & Associates
(3) A project of Van der Ryn Calthorpe & Partners
(4) A project of Hirshen/Van der Ryn Architects
(5) A project of Sim Van der Ryn, State Architect
(*) Full-page color information sheets are available for these projects.

Except as noted otherwise, Sim Van der Ryn was the Principal Architect on all projects