Clayton residence

Located in the sun-drenched hills east of the San Francisco Bay, this 3,000 s.f. house for a family of six responds to the impressive views, sloping site and diurnal cycles of the sun.  Zoned to differentiate the public spaces from the private areas, the is divided into two portions connected by a glassed entry.  Two foot thick straw bale walls are broken by fiber-cement and glass pop-outs.  Madrone trees combined with fiber reinforced recycled plastic lumber flank the southwest side of the building with generous trellis work to prevent the afternoon sun from over-heating, while allowing the views to dominate the spaces.  The main living area includes moveable partitions and has a vaulted ceiling to dampen temperature swings.  In the family room a loft provides a sleeping niche for the children’s overnight guests.  A tight design with flexible spaces offers the clients a for many years of changing needs.