Highland Residence

Inverness, California

This home on a forested ridge has been evolving over twenty-five years. The original was a hand built pole frame structure. A second phase includes an Iramoya style Japanese influenced kitchen, dining, and sitting room pavilion. The living areas have an intimate relationship with the surrounding gardens and patios through the use of sliding glass shoji doors, skylights and selective view windows.

The landscape and garden are an integral part of the design and extend the simple elegance of the architecture out-of-doors. The garden features numerous water elements including ponds with aquatic plants, trout and koi. A biological filter system mimicks nature and circulates water through a small stone waterfall.

Every room of the has a special character. Whether it be the Iramoya style Japanese influenced kitchen, dining and sitting room pavilion; the "green" room; or the octagonal meditation room, each contributes to the uniqueness of the .