EDI's Center for Livable Futures (CLF)

The Ecological Design Institute works on a variety of research and education projects through its Center for Livable Futures (CLF) (formerly Center for Regenerative Design). The CLF educates local community members and collaborates with higher education institutions, K-12 schools, local organizations and businesses to develop programs that highlight opportunities to support a livable future.

The CLF introduces the principles of ecological design to children and youth through hands-on design/build projects linking culture, nature and technology. Using the local site as the primary context for learning. CLF develops place-specific projects that incorporate design as an integrator between various subject matters. Ecological design projects include mapping, site planning and design, energy and food audits, garden design and construction, small building projects, among others.

Education For Sustainability

In the higher education sector, CLF promotes design measures and practices that integrate living systems and built environments to create adaptive, self-renewing systems. A green campus, for example, integrates ten systems: Energy, Water, Built Environment, Material Resources and Waste Re-use, Food, Land Regeneration, Transportation, Health and Well-Being, Academics and Culture, and Community. In the non-profit and commercial sectors CLF develops sustainability education opportunities through internships and education programs. CLF utilizes Marin County as its extended sustainability education campus in its collaboration with numerous organizations promoting livable futures.

Additional Resources

The CLF also makes an impacct in the community through these other functions and resources

  • Workshops & Seminars - Facilitation, charettes, provocateur
  • Speaking Engagements - (Some of Sim's engagements, plus other collaborators like Andrés...)
  • Greening campuses and curriculum
  • Publications, including The Toliet Papers, Design for Life, and Ecological Design.
  • Education and training programs