The EcoDesign Collaborative...


“Man is part of nature and his war against nature is inevitably a war against himself."

- Rachel Carson

The EcoDesign Collaborative (EDC) is the design and consulting branch of  EDI. Through its network of leading professionals led by Sim Van der Ryn, the EDC provides integrated design and consulting services focusing on merging design with nature. The EDC creates innovative design solutions that link nature, culture and technology to reintegrate the needs of human society within the balance of nature.

The EcoDesign Process

Consider the tree, so simple, so complex. A model for information, energy exchange, natures complexity and beauty that inspires our design work and our collaboration with clients, team members, and builders. The Tree of Life diagram shown here is a convenient model for understanding our design process, including our Roots or Core Values and the outcomes, or Solutions & Services that we provide. We believe that the natural world and the humanly designed world can be reintegrated by taking ecology as the basis for design. Click here to learn more about the EDC and explore the Tree Diagram in more detail.

Benefits of Ecological Design

"Eco-Logic" is our design process to create healthy and sustainable environments. Among the benefits of this process are:

  • Lower Life Cycle Costs - Over a 30 year period, the operations and maintenance costs of a typical commercial building equal three times the construction costs. ECO-LOGIC buildings can reduce these costs significantly.
  • Healthier Places - Tranquility, peace of mind, comfort . . . qualities attributed to our buildings. ECO-LOGIC creates healthier work places, living spaces and communities.
  • Higher Productivity - Personnel costs typically represent over 92% of facility operations. Worker productivity, health and satisfaction contribute to higher efficiency in ECO-LOGIC buildings.
  • Heightened Image & Marketability - Commercial structures designed by Van der Ryn Architects command attention, attract media interest and are a valuable asset for attracting top employees.
  • Reduced Environmental Impact - ECO-LOGIC buildings and communities take less from the earth by reducing waste, pollution and toxicity, and by preserving natural resources.

EDC's Core Collaborators

The EcoDesign Collaborative's core team includes architects, landscape architects, ecological restorationists, experts in renewable energy and biological waste treatment, as well as experienced practioners with a focus on designing the design process. EDC provides you with an exceptional Meta-disciplinary team that supports you to create projects that go beyond the usual ideas of “green” and “sustainable.” Our goal is Surpassability. Visit the Collaborators page to see who's on board.