Berea College Ecovillage

Berea, Kentucky

The Berea Ecovillage is an ecologically-minded residential and learning complex. It is designed to meet the residential needs of students who are married and/or parents in a manner that supports their academic, work and family responsibilities. The design and operation of the Ecovillage provides residents, visitors and children in the child-care facility with an experiential education in sustainable living.

The Ecovillage consists of: 32 new and 14 remodeled Family Apartments; a teaching and research Child-care Facility for 118 children; a Village Commons house with shared amenities for the residents; and a Sustainability & Environmental Studies (SENS) House which serves as a for 4 students and as an outreach and education center. More information on each of these components can be found by clicking on the links in this paragraph.

The Ecovillage is the first affordable housing project in the United States to use a Biological Waste Treatment System to purify all grey and black water on-site.