Residential Projects

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Corte Madera Residence

Warkentin Residence(*)(1)
Lucas Valley, California
David Warkentin
Project Completed, 1997

Highland House(*)(2)
Inverness, California
Construction & Renovations Completed, 1972-1993

Keohane Residence(*)(1)
Corte Madera, California
Under Construction, 1999

Abbott's Residence(2)
Muir Beach, California
Green Gulch Zen Center
Project Completed, 1981

Guest House(2)
Muir Beach, California
Green Gulch Zen Center
Project Completed, 1981

Red Rock Retreat

Equestrian Center


Patmore-Zarcone Residence
Los Altos Hills, California
David Patmore and Julia Zarcone
Construction Begining, 1999

YM Residence

Twiss/Skewes-Cox Residence(2)
Markleville, California
Robert Twiss & Amy Skewes-Cox
Project Completed, 1994

Freestone Residence

Three Solar Casitas(*)(2)
Los Caballos, New Mexico
Jonathan Rose, Sim Van der Ryn, Jack Van der Ryn
Project Completed, 1984

Weinstein Residence(*)(2)
Sausalito, California
David & Denise Weinstein
Renovation Completed, 1986

Stott Residence(*)(2)
Colestine Valley, California
Ben Stott
Preliminary Plans, 1989

Sangco Residence(*)
Clayton, California
Sharon and Joebe Sangco
Prelininary Design, 1997

Spencer-Gould Residence
Santa Cruz, California
Dick Spencer and Shawn Gould
Completed, 1997

Ahlgren Residence(2)
Boulder Creek, California
Dexter & Valerie Ahlgren
Project Completed, 1972

Nisbet Residence(2)
Inverness, California
Nori & Jacuetta Nisbet
Project Completed, 1979

Residence & Workshop
Orcas Island, Washington
Under Construction, 1999

Houseboat Remodel(2)
Sausalito, California
Addle Anthony
Project Completed, 1990

Blake Residence(3)
Hidden Hills, California
Robert & Sandra Blake
Project Completed, 1979

Keith Residence(2)
Tiburon, California
S. Keith
Remodel Completed, 1988



(1) A project of the Ecological Design Institute
(2) A project of Sim Van der Ryn & Associates
(3) A project of Van der Ryn Calthorpe & Partners
(4) A project of Hirshen/Van der Ryn Architects
(5) A project of Sim Van der Ryn, State Architect
(*) Full-page color information sheets are available for these projects.

Except as noted otherwise, Sim Van der Ryn was the Principal Architect on all projects