The Ecological Design Institute has a number of books available for sale. Information on ordering by mail is available.

EDI Publications:

Buildings of Earth and Straw - Bruce King, 1996, Ecological Design Press, $25.00

A Place In The Sun: The Real Goods Center - Sim Van der Ryn, et al., 1997, Chelsea Green Publishing, $24.95. NEW!!!

Ecological Design - Sim Van der Ryn and Stuart Cowan, 1995, Island Press, $45.00 cloth, $21.95 paper

The Toilet Papers: Recycling Waste and Conserving Water - Sim Van der Ryn, 1995 edition, Ecological Design Press, $10.95

Designing Sustainable Systems: A Reader, Volumes 1 and 2 - Annotated by Sim Van der Ryn, 1993. Contains many hard to find key source articles. $60 for both volumes

Sustainable Communities: A New Design Synthesis for Cities, Suburbs, and Towns - Sim Van der Ryn and Peter Calthorpe, 1986, Sierra Club Books, $20.00

The Integral Urban House: Self-Reliant Living in the City - Olkowski, Javits and Farallones Institute (introduction by Sim Van der Ryn), 1978, Sierra Club Books, $20.00 paper. Out of print.

Ecological Design Resource List - Contains periodicals, resource guides, videos, organizations and websites, $2.50.

Eco-Building Schools: A Directory of Alternative Education Resources in Environmentally Sensitive Design and Building in the United States , Sandra Leibowitz, 1996, Eco-Building Schools, $6.00.

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