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In this persuasive and evocative book, two authorities on appropriate technology have assembled a practical vision of how different types of American communities can make the tranisiton to a way of life that encourages sustainability, reduces resource waste, balances consumption and production, and produces long-term, social and ecological health.

Abundantly illustrated with diagrams, photographs, and drawings, Sustainable Communities presents practical guidelines for urban and suburban renovation as well as new community planning, and offers inspiring commentaries by leading-edge thinkers in the burgeoning field of "sane" redevelopment, including John Todd on the synthesis of biology and design and Paul Hawken on the economics of sustainability. Contributors include Peter Calthorp, Clare Cooper-Marcus, David Katz, Fred Reid, Sim Van der Ryn, Paul Hawken, David Morris and John Todd.

"The point is well made that ecology and economy have their roots in the same Greek word: ecos, household. The designers of these communities want to put our household back in order, reunite us with the seasons, reunite our labor with the logic of the Earth's resources." - Orion Nature Quarterly

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