"Civilized cities, nourishing food, renewable energy, closed nutrient cycles - these form the vision of this pioneering guidbook. With it we can start to build a new urban culture that is practical, sustainable, inviting and exciting. Recycle a slurb today!" - Amory Lovins

"This book is an exciting and essential guide to the efficient design and construction of resource - efficient housing. It is one of the few manuals available based on real experience, not appealing theories. It should be required reading for anyone serious about the energy and economic challenges of the future." - Wilson Clark, Energy Advisor to California Governer Edmund G. Brown, Jr.

"A wise and beautiful book. The commonsense, joyous design revolution pioneered by the Farallones Institute can now be a model for the rebuilding of urban neighborhoods that truly belong to people. This is real, living, urban economics!" - Hazel Henderson

by Helga Olkowiski, Bill Olkowski, Tom
Javits and the Farallones Institute Staff
Introduction by Sim Van der Ryn

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