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The Ecological Design Institute works on a variety of research and education projects through its programs.

EDI Education Programs


    This program introduces the principles of ecological design to children and youth through hands-on design/build projects linking culture, nature and techology. Using the local site as the primary context for learning. EDI develops place-specific projects that incorporate design as an integrator between various subject matters. Ecological design projects include mapping, site planning and design, energy and food audits, garden design and construction, small building projects, among others.



    EDI, staffed by architects, landscape architects, planners, who are all educators, is uniquely positioned to offer joint ecological design and education services. EDI practices design with an interest in using the built environment as a primary context for experiencing the principles of ecological design. We integrate the design of new or retrofitted facilities with the development of supporting educational activities. EDI creates learning and retreat centers, destination resorts and educational facilities, etc. and make the most of the synergies that can occur between the site, building and educational programming.

Sample Demonstration Projects

A master list of EDI projects is also available.

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