Community Planning & Design Projects

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Marin Solar Village(*)(3)
Novato, California
Steve McNamara, President, Marin Solar Village Corporation
Master Planning, 1979-81

Arbolera de Vida Sawmill Redevelopment

La Cuentista
ALbuquerque, New Mexico
Legacy Group, LLC
Master Plan and Community Architecture, 1997

Cowell Ranch(*)(2)
Contra Costa, California
Nathan Taylor, Vice President, Cowell Foundation
Ecological Planning & Design, 1993

Civano Solar Village

Berea Eco-Village

Chino Hills Specific Plan(*)(3)
San Bernardino County, California
San Bernardino County
Master Plan Study, 1979

Golden Gate West End Pavilion & Grounds

Migrant Worker Shelter

Capital Area Master Plan(5)
Sacramento, California
State of California
Master Plan, 1976

Cibola Community(*)(3)
Santa Fe, New Mexico
Wayne & Susan Nichols, Communico
Master Planning, 1984

Gates Houseboat Cooperative(2)
Marin County, California
Jane Koestel, President
Master Planning, 1985-87


(1) A project of the Ecological Design Institute
(2) A project of Sim Van der Ryn & Associates
(3) A project of Van der Ryn Calthorpe & Partners
(4) A project of Hirshen/Van der Ryn Architects
(5) A project of Sim Van der Ryn, State Architect
(*) Full-page color information sheets are available for these projects.

Except as noted otherwise, Sim Van der Ryn was the Principal Architect on all projects