Research Projects

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Prototype Brainwave Training Modules(*)(2)
Palo Alto, California
Foster Gamble, President, MindCenter Corporation
Design & Prototype Construction, 1989

Atsuo Shiga, President, Metina Corporation
Prototype Design, 1989

Prototype Sustainable Living Hostel Design(*)(2)
Washington, DC
Lewis Litzky, President, Hostelling International
Research & Design, 1993



(1) A project of the Ecological Design Institute
(2) A project of Sim Van der Ryn & Associates
(3) A project of Van der Ryn Calthorpe & Partners
(4) A project of Hirshen/Van der Ryn Architects
(5) A project of Sim Van der Ryn, State Architect
(*) Full-page color information sheets are available for these projects.

Except as noted otherwise, Sim Van der Ryn was the Principal Architect on all projects