Conference, Resort, & Health Center Projects

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Lindisfarne Association Meeting House(*)(2)
Crestone, Colorado
Dr. Irwin Thompson, Director
Project Completed, 1983

Wheelwright Center, Green Dragon Zen Center(2)
Muir Beach, California
Richard Baker, Abbot
Project Completed, 1979

New Lodge, Esalen Institute(2)
Big Sur, California
Steve Donovan, President
Preliminary Design, 1988

Chiropractic Health Center

Zen Center Guest House, Green Dragon Zen Center(*)(2)
Muir Beach, California
Dr. William Thompson, Richard Baker
Project Completed, 1984

Conference, Lodging, & Health Resort(*)(2)
North Bonneville, Washington
Biba Hot Springs
Master Planning & Preliminary Building Plans, 1986

Day Spa, San Fernando Valley, CA

Pecos River Conference Center(2)
Infield, New Mexico
Larry Wilson, President
Contract Documents, 1987

Welcome Inn(2)
Nagano Prefecture, Japan
Koichi Mukaiyama, President, KOA Corporation
Preliminary Plan, 1991

Courtyard Guest Cabins, Tassajara Zen Mountain Center(2)
Jamesburg, California
Richard Baker, Abbot
Project Completed, 1974


(1) A project of the Ecological Design Institute
(2) A project of Sim Van der Ryn & Associates
(3) A project of Van der Ryn Calthorpe & Partners
(4) A project of Hirshen/Van der Ryn Architects
(5) A project of Sim Van der Ryn, State Architect
(*) Full-page color information sheets are available for these projects.

Except as noted otherwise, Sim Van der Ryn was the Principal Architect on all projects