The terms, “Green” and “Sustainability” are not very well defined or understood by most professionals and potential clients. “Green” is understood to denote energy efficiency, “natural” materials and doing the right thing for the environment. “Sustainability” suggests all those measures we take to do less harm to our natural environment and the natural systems that support all life through design and operations that reduce our “ecological footprint”.

The design of our environment, economy and culture are so intertwined with the paradigm of large scale mechanical systems that disregard nature’s scale and processes, that improvements in fundamentally flawed systems will not save us or our present civilization. Therefore, we use the term “Surpassability” to remind us that in our quest to design in ways that merge nature and technology, we need to surpass today’s “out of the box” thinking and literally throw away the box and learn from what nature teaches us.

Surpassibility is both a value and a goal!