Lance Wyeth- Building and Construction Innovation

Lance Wyeth has been a designer/builder for thirty-two years. His company is Shelter Systems. He is an inventor and cofounder of five diverse companies. Most recently he was the cofounder of Solmetric Corporation. He is the codesigner of the Solmetric Suneye, an instrument used to assess on site solar energy potential for solar design. Lance is the founder of Sagecraft LLC a company formed to support his inventions for the building industry. He has a strong background in woodworking and was cofounder of Woodline Design, a cabinet shop specializing in fine furniture and cabinetry. Lance has always been an ardent cyclist and is an enthusiast and advocate for sustainable low energy transportation. He was a cofounder of Wilderness Trail Bikes. Lance has a degree in biology from UC Santa Cruz and is a former Marine and Vietnam veteran.

Lance has been a friend of and collaborator with Sim Van der Ryn for 28 years. He notes with amusement that "Sim was an advocate and leader in "Green Building" before there was a color spectrum".