The EDEN Intern Recruiter Update

The EDEN Intern Recruiter is currently on hold. EDI has operated the EDEN program through grant assistance and with the help of contributions from Van der Ryn Architects during its first two years of operation. We've concentrated our efforts over the past fall and winter seeking new sources of support for this program as our current funding has expired. Until we secure funding, the EDEN Intern Recruiter program is on indefinite hold.

We are optimistic that we will be successful in gaining the support necessary to establish this on-line placement service for design interns seeking meaningful professional experience with firms practicing ecological design. We thank all of you who have expressed both interest and support for this project, and for your patience as we develop support for the next phase of this program.

The Intern Recruiter Concept

The Intern Recruiter will allow a large pool of professional offices and organizations to quickly identify and contact student intern candidates whose qualifications match their needs. Students in turn will have a far more effective way to identify internship offerings. All transactions will occur electronically saving time, trees, and effort. This decentralized internship program satisfies a pressing demand from design students and interns for real-world opportunities to exercise their environmental values, and from professional offices needing expertise and fresh insights about ecological design. If funding efforts are successful, this service will be offered free of charge to both intern candidates and hiring offices.

Aimed at design firms, builders and non-profit organizations practicing ecological design, potential employers will have free access to the EDEN network, giving them the ability to review a large pool of design intern candidate profiles that identifying skills, interests and availability.

Sign our guest book and we'll contact you when the EDEN Intern Recruiter is operational.

Student Qualifications

EDEN will be open to students and non-licensed recent graduates having a degree in Architecture, Landscape Architecture or Environmental Design, and in the first three years of their professional internship period. Student candidates must be enrolled in either a Masters of Architecture or Landscape Architecture program or have completed their second year in a Bachelors of Architecture, Landscape Architecture, or Environmental Design program in order to apply to the program.

The EDEN Intern Recruiter will guide intern candidates through the development of an electronic resume identifying their skills, interests, and availability. In addition, students will be able to add an optional tier of customized information to their electronic intern file. Candidates receive electronic notification (by Email) of any firms interested in their qualifications and can then choose whether or not to release their name and complete file to that firm.

Students/Recent Architecture graduates: Sign our guest book, and we'll notify you when the Recruiter is ready to subscribe to, making your qualification available the EDEN's professional members.

Firm & Organization Requirements

While firm and organization membership will be open to any office wanting to hire a design intern, it will be focused on Architecture and Landscape Architecture firms having particular concern for ecological design and environmental sustainability. All EDEN internships will be paid positions.

Firms/ Organizations: Sign our guest book and we'll contact you with information on how you can gain access to EDEN's design intern pool through the web-based Intern Recruiter.

Please stay tuned as EDEN develops.
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