The Ecological Design Collaborative (EDC) is a design team comprised of experienced architects, ecological land planners, landscape architects and renewable energy/water management/biological wastewater treatment specialists. We provide integrated consulting and design services for projects varying in size and function from single family homes to entire communities built around resilience and living buildings.

EDC works in collaboration with our clients as well as other architectural firms to design ecologically and economically-sensible solutions. Our different disciplines integrate the knowledge and creativity of all of us through a whole systems approach that is more than the sum of its parts. Depending on the need, EDC can assemble a full service team (design through construction administration) or work with an architect of record and lead the initial design effort.

The tree inspires us with its simplicity and its complexity—a living testament to nature's energy exchange and beauty. In many ways, our current environmental crisis is also a design crisis—a consequence of our current production and construction methods, and use of landscapes. We believe that man and nature can work together to regenerate the health of our shared planet, and our aim is Surpassability—a metric beyond sustainability.