Paul Roberts

Paul is a dedicated environmentalist and green designer. Paul received his MBA in 2004 and his Undergraduate Degree in 1984 from the University of Houston. Paul has been creating high efficiency buildings since that time.

He has spent most of the last two decades designing and managing sustainable projects for Educational and Community clients. Six years ago he founded Paul Roberts & Partners, Inc. PR&P firmly believes the Architecture of the project must be responsive to the environment and the community. Paul's most notable sustainable projects include the University of California Hopland Research & Extension Center Field Laboratory & Education Facility*, Columbia College Child Development Center, Hayfork Sustainable Forestry Training & Education Center Master Plan, Humboldt State University Student Recreation Center, Loma Vista Farm Environmental Education Center, and the Sonoma State University Student Recreation Center.

Paul Roberts & Partners, Inc. just recently finished collaborating with Sim Van der Ryn & Buddy Williams of EDC on the innovative Marin Farmers' Market Master Plan located near the historic Marin County Civic Center designed by Frank Lloyd-Wright.

* EDC team of Sim and Buddy completed conceptual design of the project before PR&P was retained.

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